Ask any cereal grower in Western Canada about the disease threat that keeps them awake at night, and you’ll likely hear about fusarium head blight and rusts.

Fusarium incidence has risen significantly in the last three years and, in 2016, approximately half of hard red spring wheat samples and two thirds of durum samples in Western Canada were impacted by fusarium according to the Canadian Grains Commission. Rusts are increasingly more prevalent with some strains (stripe) now about to successfully overwinter.

New HornetTM is a foliar fungicide that protects cereals from fusarium, and leaf, stem and stripe rusts. Hornet (Group 3) contains a proprietary brand of tebuconazole 432 SC formulation – similar to other popular cereal fungicides – to deliver a new effective control option for cereal growers.

“Every year, cereal growers are faced with the threat of fusarium and rusts, and the devastating impact on crop yield and quality,” says Roger Rotariu, Western Marketing Manager with Nufarm Agriculture Inc. “Hornet offers a new option for growers to consider as they make their disease management plans for 2017.”

Registered for use on barley, oats, and spring, durum and winter wheat, Hornet can be applied for the 4-leaf stage to flowering, depending on the diseases targeted.

Hornet is now available at crop retailers across Western Canada.

HornetTM is a trademark of Valent U.S.A. Corporation.