Underseeding red clover in your cereal crops offers some great agronomic benefits this year and next, and won’t hurt wheat yields.

Clover is a great nitrogen fixer and also helps stabilize the soil to minimize erosion, adds extra water holding capacity and improves overall soil strength.

A multi-year study in Ontario looked at the impact of underseeding red clover into spring wheat on wheat yields, and then on corn yields in the following year. The results show an extra $100/acre in corn yield (the year following the clover/wheat) without reducing wheat yields.

When it comes to weed control, growers need to consider herbicides that are effective and safe to use on clover and wheat. Mextrol® 450 is a great choice for clover underseeded crops – a gentle and effective solution to annual and winter annual weeds in grain crops underseeded with clover. Mextrol (combination of MCPA and bromoxynil) can be mixed with fungicides and other foliar nutrients for great protection and convenience.

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