Early crop reports are predicting a big jump in canola acres seeded this spring, up by nearly 10% to an estimated total of 22 million acres for 2017. And every one of those acres can benefit from getting weeds out of the way with a pre-seed burndown.

Now’s the time to get CONQUER® herbicide applied for complete weed control that’s safe for the canola crop you’ll seed this spring.

If you’re facing early weed pressure from Group 2-, Group 9- and Group 10-resistant volunteer canola, Group 2-, Group 4- and Group 9-resistant kochia or cleavers, CONQUER works with two active ingredients (Group 6 and 14) for superior weed control. And there’s no soil residual activity with CONQUER so there’s no risk to the emerging canola crop.

Here are some tips for getting CONQUER on your canola fields this spring.

  • Apply directly to growing weeds for best results.
  • Tank mix with glyphosate to protect the long-term viability and effectiveness of glyphosate and
    glyphosate-tolerant crops.
  • Canola can be seeded immediately after an application of CONQUER, but the best weed control
    occurs if seeding can be delayed by 2-3 days.

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Watch this 30-second video on managing herbicide resistance.

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