Calgary, AB [May 16, 2017] – Golf course superintendents and sod growers have new options for using Velocity® herbicide to effectively transition annual bluegrass out of turf, with several updates to the product’s label on rates and timing.

Velocity (bispyribac sodium), by Valent Canada, Inc, is the only post-emergent herbicide in Canada that selectivity reduces annual bluegrass (Poa annua) populations in turf. New label updates provide added flexibility for rates and timing, as part of a planned program to convert Poa-infested turf back to creeping bentgrass, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass or tall fescue.

Velocity now has a wider application window from May 15 to October 15 to extend fall application by an additional month. An application program for use on creeping bentgrass and perennial ryegrass has been added that includes a broader rate range (16 g/ha-31 g/ha). The option of a 16 g/ha rate is designed to slowly reduce, but not eliminate, the population of annual bluegrass over time. There are also new options for application interval timing, depending on the transition program used, that include applying Velocity at 5-10, 14, 21 and 28 day intervals.

“Annual bluegrass can be a big issue on bentgrass fairways and tees and for sod farms looking for pure turfgrass stands,” says Sabrina Bladon, Turf & Ornamental Sales and Marketing Manager for Nufarm Agriculture Inc. “Velocity is a powerful tool to transition turf, and the new rates and timing options give superintendents many more choices for using Velocity in a transition program that delivers the results they expect – whether that’s a slow transition or a more aggressive removal program.”

With these label updates, Velocity now has five annual bluegrass conversion programs based on infestation level and rate of transition. Full program details are outlined at

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