More than 7,000 growers in Western Canada have signed up for a better burndown that comes at a great price. Have you?

Monsanto has partnered with Nufarm to offer more sustainable chemistry solutions. Make the best use of your glyphosate by using it with another effective mode of action, at least once per season, and be eligible for rewards through Real Farm RewardsTM.

As part of this offer, CONQUER®, BlackHawk®, GoldWing® and ValteraTM are eligible for rewards.

Sign up for Real Farm Rewards by August 31 to save on purchases of BlackHawk, CONQUER, GoldWing and Valtera throughout the season.

Keep one step ahead of tough weed pressure in canola, cereals, pulse and soybean crops. Earn rewards. And build a sustainable weed control program.

Watch our short video on managing herbicide resistance.

Find out more at or Ask a Nufarmer at 1.800.868.5444.

Always read and follow label directions.
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