The challenging seeding conditions in Western Canada may have hampered your pre-seed weed control plans, but you can still get tough weeds under control with an in-crop plan for your cereal acres.

When you’re looking at in-crop weed control, it’s important to factor in the potential for herbicide-resistant weeds you might be battling. In addition, weeds like wild buckwheat, cleavers and kochia produce seeds with the potential to spread a lot of destruction through your cereal crop.

Nufarm has the team of hard-hitting cereal herbicides you need to get these, and many more, tough to control, broadleaf weeds under control.

Enforcer® delivers effective, post-emergent control of well-established cleavers, kochia and wild buckwheat in one convenient application. Available in three formulations – Enforcer D (Group 4, 6), Enforcer M (Group 4, 6) and Enforcer MSU (Group 2, 4, 6).

Curtail® M (Group 4) provides the best in-crop, systemic action to kill the roots of Canada thistle and other troublesome perennial weeds.

Signal® FSU (Group 1, 2, 4) contains four active ingredients for an all-in-one wheat herbicide with trusted post-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control, including clodinafop – the most trusted graminicide to control wild oats in wheat.

Watch our short video on controlling tough weeds in cereals.

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