Start right now to get some of your spring workload out of the way. When you apply Valtera™ and new Fierce® this fall, they’ll still be working for up to eight weeks next spring.

Fall-applied, spring-activated herbicides like Valtera and Fierce get the jump on weeds before they even have a chance to challenge your emerging crop next spring. Here’s how they work.

Apply in the fall use a simple field sprayer to eliminate the hassle of granular products and a head start early spring weed control.

Throughout the winter – Valtera and Fierce create a layer of herbicide protection on the top of the soil, waiting for warming spring temperatures.

In the spring – moisture activates these herbicides so when you’re busy seeding, Valtera and Fierce are taking out spring weeds as they emerge. And their residual activity takes out multiple flushes of spring weeds for up to eight weeks to keep fields clean during the critical weed-free period.

Valtera (Group 14) and Fierce (Group 14 and 15) deliver short- and long-term benefits for your operation:

  • Reduce workload in the spring
  • Remove early season weed pressures
  • Reduce the need for in-crop weed control
  • Introduce new modes of action
  • Manage resistant weed populations

Apply Valtera ahead of planting chickpeas, field peas, lentils, soybeans, corn or spring wheat next year for extended residual control of kochia, chickweed, pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, seedling dandelion, nightshade, and suppression of volunteer canola. If you are seeding lentils next year, consider an application of Valtera this fall.

Apply Fierce ahead of planting soybeans or spring wheat next year for the combination of two active ingredients to control pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, chickweed and grassy weeds.

Watch this short video about Fierce.

Valtera is approved for fall application before seeding lentils next spring. 

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