Do you want to know one of the important ways to ensure you have top quality large apples this season? Thin them now.

Plant growth regulators (PGR) are a proven tool to help you enhance crop growth and deliver a return on your valuable investment. MaxCel® PGR makes a great addition to your precision thinning program, and now is the time to apply it.

Using MaxCel in your early season program will help increase overall fruit size, thin your crop load and deliver more value at pack out.  MaxCel also delivers:

    • Better crop quality
    • Greater cell division
    • Improved return bloom
    • No stress on the tree
    • Reduced labour costs for thinning Here’s a MaxCel application guide to help you harvest the best quality apples this year.

For Thinning:

    • Ideal thinning window is between 5-15mm. MaxCel can be used at any time during this window.
    • The optimum timing for MaxCel to be used is at the 8-14 mm range
    • Apply MaxCel at the beginning of a warming trend when temperatures the few days following application are expected to be above 18ºC
    • Increased thinning will occur when conditions are cloudy and warm

For Sizing:

    • Make 2-4 applications of the sizing rate starting at petal fall (3-10 day intervals)
    • Little to no thinning should occur at this rate
Application rate in apples Comments
2.5 L/ha (1
  • Use for size enhancement
3.75 L/ha (1.5 L/ac.)
  • Use for moderate thinning on varieties such as McIntosh
5 L/ha (2 L/ac.)
  • Use for most thinning situations
  • This rate works well on varieties such as Gala and Empire
6.25 L/ha (2.5 L/ac.)
  • Use for hard-to-thin varieties such as Fuji and Golden Delicious
7.5-10 L/ha (3-4 L/ac.)
  • Use in orchards with very difficult to thin cultivars or with a history of being difficult to thin

NOTE: MaxCel is compatible with carbaryl and NAA. Do not use a tank mix of MaxCel and NAA on Fuji or Red Delicious varieties. A surfactant is not required.

Please refer to the full MaxCel label for specific usage information.

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