More horticulture growers can now access great disease protection with the expansion of the Parasol® FL fungicide label to include pome fruit, stone fruit and some tree nuts.

Parasol FL – a group M1 copper hydroxide fungicide – is now registered for dormant application on apples, pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, hazelnuts and filberts to control blight and other diseases. It’s the first flowable copper hydroxide registered for these fruit and nut crops, and adds to the approved crops on the Parasol FL label that already includes beans, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.

“This expanded label is great news for growers who can now use the proven protection of Parasol in vegetable crops…on a broad range of fruit crops,” says Maria Dombrowsky, Canadian Horticulture Manager for Nufarm Agriculture Inc. Parasol FL is approved for dormant application only.

Parasol FL has a higher metallic copper equivalent (MCE) than some of the other coppers on the market which is one of the most important factors in picking a copper fungicide.

Small particle size improves protection

With one of the smallest and most consistent sizes of copper particles available in Canada, Parasol FL provides better crop coverage and better disease protection. And that control tough disease including fire, coryneum, bacterial and eastern filbert blight, plus bacterial canker and leaf curl.

“The flowable formulation and small particle size means Parasol FL is an easy solution for growers to use for disease control,” says Dombrowsky. “It disperses easily in water, stays in suspension and is highly compatible with other products. That’s a great combination in a top-performing fungicide.”

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