Calgary, AB [November 19, 2018] – Chateau® WDG herbicide is now registered for sucker and weed control in hops. Chateau (flumioxazin), a Group 14 herbicide, delivers long-lasting residual control of tough broadleaf and grass weeds. Chateau is already registered on a broad range of fruit and vegetable crops.

“Adding hops to the Chateau label gives Canadian hops growers a new tool to control weeds throughout the growing season on their high-value crop,” says Maria Dombrowsky, Canadian Horticulture Manager with Nufarm Agriculture Inc. “Chateau can be tank mixed with existing herbicides registered for hops to provide one convenient application for weed control.”

Chateau is a PPO inhibitor and works by creating a barrier on the soil surface. After application Chateau requires a half inch of rain or irrigation to activate the product. In hops, Chateau is approved for pre-emergent control of some problematic weeds including: Canada fleabane, common lamb’s-quarters, common ragweed, dandelion, Eastern black nightshade, green foxtail, green pigweed, hairy nightshade and redroot pigweed.

“Producing local hops has become a growth industry for Canada’s craft brewery sector, and Chateau provides another valuable tool to help growers manage nuisance weeds in this emerging crop,” says Dombrowsky. 

Chateau is used in a dormant application for hops.

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