Calgary, AB [February 1, 2019] – Nufarm Agriculture is pleased to announce that SureGuard® herbicide, which recently received an expanded label, is part of a new spring rebate offer that can add buying power to weed control programs. Customers can receive a $50 rebate on every jug of SureGuard purchased from an authorized distributor from February 1, 2019, through April 30, 2019. More details and registration can be accessed at  

SureGuard herbicide is a proven pre-emergence herbicide with long-lasting residual to control challenging annual broadleaf weeds and select grasses. Already considered an excellent value, the updated SureGuard label offers grounds managers and nursery growers new bare ground and container-grown ornamental uses. The label also includes the control of additional weeds.

Expanded Bare Ground Management Options

The SureGuard label includes bare ground uses for parking areas, plant sites, substations, pumping stations, oil yards/substations and tank farms. It allows application in areas such as brick yards, industrial plant sites, lumber yards and storage areas, around buildings and other structures, along fence rows and on gravel surfaces and driveways.

Additional Ornamental Uses

SureGuard can now be applied to established container-grown ornamental deciduous and coniferous trees, including non-bearing fruit and nut trees. This is in addition to nursery fields, and other field-grown trees, such as Christmas trees and trees produced for reforestation. It can be applied in the late fall, after two hard freezes, delivering weed control that lasts into summer.

Labelled for More Weed Challenges

SureGuard’s broad-spectrum label now addresses serious weed challenges, including common chickweed and waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, plus the suppression of moss and liverwort.

SureGuard can be used alone or as a tank mix partner with glyphosate herbicides to enhance knockdown performance, even on glyphosate, glufosinate and ALS-resistant weeds, and provide long-lasting residual control with a single application. For more information, visit


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Always read and follow label directions. SureGuard® is a registered trademark of Valent U.S.A. LLC.