Calgary, AB [March 3, 2020] – Lentil growers in Western Canada have a new early season option for extended broadleaf weed control in lentils from Nufarm. With a recent label enhancement granted by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), Valtera™ is the only Group 14 pre-emergent herbicide registered for spring application prior to seeding lentils (large green and small red varieties).


“We’re excited to finally offer a spring option for lentil growers. Valtera will perform well to help deliver cleaner fields and higher yields,” says Graham Collier, Portfolio Manager – Canada for Nufarm. “Nufarm has been promoting either fall or spring applications for chickpeas, field peas, soybeans and wheat. And up until now, lentil growers had only one possibility, and that was the fall. Many producers have experienced some tough fall seasons recently, where it’s been hard to get work done after harvest. Lentil growers now have flexibility. If they miss applying Valtera in the fall, they can plan for it in the spring.


”Valtera provides effective early season control of tough broadleaf weeds including chickweed, kochia (Group 2-, 4- and glyphosate-resistant biotypes), volunteer canola (suppression of all biotypes), dandelion (seedling), pigweed, lamb’s quarters and many more. Over the years the product has become a trusted herbicide option for pulse growers because it delivers soil active control for up to eight weeks after the product is activated by spring moisture,” explains Collier.  


“Lentil growers have been asking for this, and we have five years of field trial results to support the spring registration. While we will continue to recommend the fall application of Valtera, it’s great for growers to know that if they miss that fall window, then they can spray in the spring starting from ground thaw to seven days before seeding,” says Collier.


Collier reminds growers that it is important to follow the Valtera herbicide label directions and consider the spring seeding conditions. The product should only be applied in minimum to zero-tillage seeding systems.


Valtera™ can be tank-mixed with glyphosate along with most burndown herbicides including Nufarm’s BlackHawk® and Goldwing®. For additional product and application information, go to or contact your local Nufarm retailer.


Holly Nicoll, Nufarm Agriculture Inc.
Head of Marketing, Canada
E:  [email protected]

Always read and follow label directions.
BlackHawk® and GoldWing® are registered trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Inc. Valtera™ is a trademark of Valent U.S.A. LLC.


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