It’s been an interesting spring season across Ontario. With planting wrapping up, we asked Nufarm’s Technical Services Manager James Ferrier (@FieldTalk) for a few of his in-season tips. Here are some of his recommendations for what growers should turn their attention to as the growing season gets into full swing.


  1. Take a stand. “Check on stand establishment and emergence in your fields,” says Ferrier. “Think about what changes you might want to make to planting and tillage operations for next year, based on what you are seeing right now. Are there rows that are slower or faster to emerge? Is planting depth consistent across the field?”
  2. Scout it out. “This is a great time to scout to see how your burndown application performed for early season weed control,” he says. “Scout your fields to see if you missed any weeds. And if there are weed escapes, do some research to figure out how you can control them in crop, and in the future. Check if there are multiple modes of action you could be adding that are effective on these particular weeds to get them under control and provide a solid resistance management option too.”
  3. Put a flag in it. Ferrier has a great tip that helps with identifying weed seedlings. “Stick a wire flag beside any young seedlings you don’t know so you can find it again when it has grown and is easier to identify,” says Ferrier.
  4. Notice the nutrients. “This is a great time of year to watch for nutrient deficiencies in the field, and mapping their location. We have a plant growth regulator product called Proliant that can help crops reach their full potential and better utilize soil nutrition.”


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