Start thinking about upgrading your pre-emergent soil active herbicide this fall or next spring with new Valtera™ EZ. The new liquid formulation is not only easier to use, but it’s providing up to 13%* improved weed control compared to the previous WDG dry formulation.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below where Graham Collier, Nufarm Canada Portfolio Manager explains the reasons why the new liquid formulation is delivering better results in the field.

Where can I use Valtera EZ? What weeds does it control?

Valtera EZ is available in convenient packaging. The new liquid formulation comes in a case that consists of 2 x 4.8 L jugs – enough to cover 160 acres. The product can be applied in the fall ahead of pulses, wheat and soybeans the next season. If the fall is short with a long harvest, there’s always an option to apply the herbicide in the spring. Valtera EZ controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds including chickweed, kochia, lamb’s quarters, volunteer canola (suppression). See the label for more details.


How does it work?

Valtera EZ is a group 14 soil active pre-emergent herbicide and can be applied just before freeze-up in the fall or in early spring. It relies on moisture for activation – either snow melt (if applied in fall) or rainfall (first rainfall after application in spring). The new liquid formulation offers a more dependable activation in low rainfall situations. Valtera EZ provides up to eight weeks of extended broadleaf weed control after activation.

What’s the difference between Valtera and Valtera EZ?

Valtera EZ‘s new liquid formulation has a surfactant that helps improve activation in the soil. The liquid herbicide molecules move easier into the soil water solution rather than staying attracted to the soil particles. 

In terms of performance, Valtera EZ has been delivering a 13% increase in control of broadleaf weeds thanks to the new liquid formation*. It’s because the individual herbicide molecules are also smaller in the new EZ formulation. This means an overall increase in molecules within the soil water solution, and more herbicide available for uptake as weeds grow up through the soil.

The chart below shows the percentage increase in control on some of the tougher weeds across Western Canada when comparing the liquid to the dry formulations.


Source: 2017 Nufarm trials comparing the Valtera EZ liquid formulation to the Valtera WDG – 5 data points for the kochia ratings, 4 data points for the annual sow-thistle and 2 data points for volunteer canola. *Volunteer canola is rated as suppression on the Valtera EZ label.

What are growers saying about Valtera?

To learn more about Kache Miller’s experience with Valtera on lentils on his southern Alberta Farm, click the image below.


For more information, contact Nufarm at 1.800.868.5444 or your local Nufarm Territory Manager.

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*Based on 61 Nufarm small plot research trials conducted across Western Canada in 2016 and 2017.