Spring weather is always a big challenge when it comes to spraying pre-seed burndown herbicides. It’s very important to remove weed competition early on. Winter annual and early germinated weeds will take valuable moisture and nutrients away from the crop that’s planned to be seeded.

Here’s some tips to maximize your pre-seed burndown investment regarding application timing, temperatures and seeding.

How warm does it need to be when I spray?

We recommend that you follow the best practices for spraying glyphosate in the early spring. Glyphosate and Nufarm’s pre-seed products should be applied to actively growing weeds. When temperatures dip below 0°C at night, the plant’s metabolism slows down and plant tissue can be damaged by overnight frost. It is best to assess frost damage before spraying. Below are some general spray guidelines.

How much water should I use when I spray?

It’s important to get good spray coverage on actively growing weeds. BlackHawk®, CONQUER® II, GoldWing® and ThunderHawk™ are contact herbicides. We recommend using 10 gallons/acre water volume when using any Nufarm pre-seed burndown products.

When can I seed after spraying?

The first question we typically ask is what type of weeds are you dealing with? Then how much soil disturbance will there be during seeding? Below are some recommendations.
Pre-seed burndown spraying and seeding intervals

Can I spray my pre-seed burndown product and glyphosate after seeding?

BlackHawk, CONQUER II and GoldWing can be sprayed up to 3 days after seeding certain crops. Remember to always read and follow label directions.

Can I tank-mix Valtera EZ or Fierce® EZ with my pre-seed burndown and glyphosate?

If you are looking for additional residual weed control this spring, tank-mixing Valtera or Fierce with BlackHawk or GoldWing plus glyphosate will do the job. It’s important to read the product labels for Fierce and Valtera and know the spray to seed interval for each crop. A spring application of Valtera or Fierce should only be done in a zero or minimum tillage seeding situation.

For more information on Nufarm pre-seed burndown products, contact your local territory manager or call 1-800-868-5444.


Always read and follow label directions.
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