Fall-applied soil-active herbicides like Valtera™ EZ (Group 14) and Fierce® EZ (Group 14 and 15) are a great way to get a jump on early season weed pressures for the spring. By reducing weed pressures early on, crops can get off to a strong start in the spring. Jason Lindgren, Territory Manager for Southeast Alberta shares some tips for maximizing fall applications of Valtera and Fierce.

Tips to maximize your fall application of Valtera and Fierce

  1. Time it right – Apply Valtera and Fierce in the fall after harvest and before freeze-up. To maximize your residual activity next spring, apply these products when the soil temperature is below 10° Celsius.
  2. Water – it’s about quality and quantity – Nufarm recommends using at least 10 gallons per acre for optimal coverage. Also ensure your water pH is above 5.5 to maximize herbicide solubility.
  3. Spray for your conditions – Remember these products form a protective layer in the soil, so reaching the ground is the top priority. Coarser low drift sprays can be used to help product hit the soil in windier conditions. Manage heavy trash before applying Valtera and Fierce.
  4. Spray it and leave it – Seeding after application requires the use of minimum to zero till drills, no need to incorporate the product into the soil.
  5. Know before you go – Be sure to check and see if cold weather is in the forecast. If applying during short periods of freezing temperatures at night, add UAN to leftover spray solution, purge sprayer booms and nozzles before shutting down. The next spray day, refill with water and product.

Valtera and Fierce are soil active residual herbicides, meaning they work best to control weeds as they emerge through the soil. If your fall fields have heavy emerged weed pressure tank-mix Valtera and Fierce with glyphosate and BlackHawk.

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