Amplify your pre-seed weed control.

If you’re still using glyphosate alone for pre-seed burndown, or choosing a Group 2 herbicide as a tank-mix partner, you may not be getting the control you need. Add more to your glyphosate and get more from your pre-seed burndown application.

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video showing how the different components of the Nufarm pre-seed burndown products work individually, and together on tough weeds like kochia and volunteer canola.

Here’s 3 agronomic reasons why tank-mixing additional herbicides with different modes of action with glyphosate for a pre-seed burndown application makes sense.

Get the small ones, earlier

Reduce the chance of weed escapes, and the risk of spraying outside the ideal application window.

Eliminate weed competition

Crops will perform better when they emerge in weed-free conditions.

Smart stewardship

Protect valuable in-crop herbicides and seed traits.

Unbeatable pre-seed tank-mix partners

Look no further for Nufarm tank-mix options with glyphosate for a better burndown in canola, cereal, pulse and soybean crops.

Group 4 & 14


Cereals | Soybeans | Corn

BlackHawk helps manage volunteer canola, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, kochia and more.

Group 6 & 14



CONQUER II has activity on volunteer canola, kochia, cleavers, wild buckwheat, wild mustard and more.

Group 4 & 14


Pulses | Cereals | Corn
Canary Seed | Flax

Goldwing controls cleavers, kochia, lamb’s-quarters, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, volunteer canola and more.

Save $1 – $2/acre on Nufarm products

Get registered on Mix It Up™ Rewards and start saving.

Nufarm has partnered with Bayer in the BayerValue Mix It Up grower rewards program as a herbicide tank-mix partner for glyphosate. Add BlackHawk, CONQUER II, and GoldWing to your pre-seed burndown spray program. Valtera and Fierce are excellent pre-emergent soil-active herbicide options for extended weed control and improved long-term weed management.