Growing a great crop depends on many factors. Managing your cereals, corn and soybeans for maximum yield and performance always includes effective weed control options. At Nufarm, we’re working to tackle your toughest weed challenges.


Growing any crops requires careful planning. Growing high value, labour intensive horticultural crops in Canada requires extra time and attention to maximize growth, yield and quality while minimizing the challenges from insects, diseases and weeds. Put your resources into growing the best quality crop, and depend on our crop protection solutions to do the rest.

Turf & Ornamental

Perfection is key when it comes to turf and ornamental plants, and effective management strategies to control weeds, diseases and insects are critical production practices. Learn more about the Nufarm product portfolio by clicking here.


Weeds don’t stop at the end of the field, side of the road or on well-travelled transport routes. Integrated Vegetation Management ensures bare ground is just that…bare.