Affirm WDG fungicide is a concentrated, easy-to-mix water-dispersible granule formulation. With a unique mode of action, it works through contact and translaminar activity to deliver excellent Botrytis blight and grey mould control.

Technical information

Active ingredients: Polyoxin D zinc salt (11.3%)
Formulation: Water-dispersible granule
Chemical family: polyoxins
Packaging: 3 x 1.09 kg bag
Rainfast: Avoid application when heavy rainfall is forecast
Application/Season: Three
Surfactant needed: No
PCP number: 32920
FRAC number: 19

Key uses

  • Outdoor-grown ornamentals


  • Controls Botrytis blight and suppresses grey mould in outdoor-grown ornamentals

  • Unique FRAC 19 offers a new tool for disease resistance management

  • Works up to 14 days through contact and translaminar activity

  • Tank-mix compatible with most commonly used pesticides

General usage information

Diseases Controlled Application Rates Application Notes

Botrytis blight, Grey mould (suppression)

150–584 g/1000 L

(17–66 g a.i./1000 L)

Apply as a foliar spray, provide thorough coverage of foliage (and flowers when present) with minimal runoff.

Begin as a preventive application when conditions favour disease development and continue on a 7 14-day interval as needed to maintain suppression.

Do not apply more than 3 applications per season.

Not for use in greenhouses.