Blossom Protect is a biological fungicide that fits well in a fire blight protection plan in pome fruit.

Technical information

Chemical class: N/A – Biological
Active ingredient: Aureobasidium pullulans
Packaging: 10 x 1.5 kg Blossom Protect, 6 kg Buffer Protect NT™
Rainfast: 3 hours
PCP #: 30552

Registered crops

  • Pome fruit


  • Effective protection against fire blight on pome fruit
  • Unique mode of action
  • Reduces the amount of resistant pathogens in the population
  • No PHI
  • Safe for humans and environment (not harmful to non-target organisms)

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General usage information

  • Agitate tank solution during application and use within 8 hours
  • Apply Blossom Protect the day before predicted infection conditions. Further applications after 2 days if infection risk is still high and new blossoms open
  • Use 1.5 kg Blossom Protect together with 6 kg Buffer Protect NT (a citric acid buffer included in the package) for trees of 2 m canopy height.
  • Adjust the amount of product depending on the canopy height
  • Reduce number of applications to 2 in case of varieties sensitive for russeting
  • Tank-mixtures possible with wettable sulphur, fluopyram, anilinopyrimidines and some DMI. Other fungicides have to be applied separately from treatments with Blossom Protect the day before or 2 days after the application of Blossom Protect. Exception: lime sulfur can be applied 6 hrs after Blossom Protect. Contact your Nufarm Horticulture Specialist for more information on tank-mix partners.
  • Maximum storage period of 18 months at room temperature (20°C) or 30 months at cool storage (8°C) from the manufacturing date
  • Add sufficient water to the tank, do not use hot water
  • Add Blossom Protect to the water, while stirring
  • Do not prepare highly concentrated pre-mixtures of Blossom Protect