DiPel® 2X DF is a leading biological insecticide that is approved for organic production and safe to beneficial insects. This product provides growers with a high potency resistance management tool for control of Lepidoptera pests in greenhouse and nursery crops, as well as landscape plants.

Technical information

Active ingredients: Bacillus thuringiensis (57%) (var. kurstaki)
Formulation: Dry flowable (wettable granule)
Chemical family: biological (Bt strain ABTS-351)
Packaging: 24 x 0.5 kg case, 5 kg bag
Rainfast: Avoid application when heavy rainfall is forecast
Surfactant needed: No (surfactant recommended for hard-to-wet foliage)
PCP number: 26508
IRAC number: 11

Key uses

  • Outdoor and greenhouse grown ornamentals and shade trees


  • Most potent Bt insecticide on the market and unique mode of action making it an excellent tool for managing resistance

  • Immediately deters insects from feeding — death occurs within 1–3 days

  • Dry flowable formulation is convenient, easy to handle, and highly tank mixable

  • Not harmful to bees or beneficial insects making it a great tool for spring feeding caterpillars

  • Zero pre-harvest interval (PHI) and no re-entry interval (REI), safe for humans

General usage information

Greenhouse, nursery & landscape plants Insects controlled Application rates
Boxwood Box tree moth

560 – 1,120 g/ha

Greenhouse ornamentals and herbs Duponchella fovealls

625 g/1000 L

Roses Omnivorous leafroller

250 g/400 L

Chrysanthemums Cabbage looper

125 – 250 g/400 L

Ornamental and shade trees Spruce budworm, spongy moth, bagworm

125 – 250 g/400 L

Spring and fall cankerworm, fall webworm

125 g/400 L

Elm spanworm

250 g/400 L

Tent caterpillar

65 – 125 g/400 L

Sea buckthorn Spongy moth

125 – 250 g/400 L