Granata™ is a post-emergent, non-selective herbicide for use in glufosinate-tolerant canola and soybean crops.

Technical information

Active ingredient: Group 10 (glufosinate)
Rainfast: 4 hours
Treatment area: One tote (500 L) treats 370 acres at the 1.35 L/ac. rate
Crop Staging: Canola – cotyledon to prior to bolting, soybeans – cotyledon to flowering
Tank-mix order: Granata, tank-mix partner (see label for more details)
Notes: Two applications can be made on canola soybeans, see the label for more information. Do not apply more than a total of 2.97 L/ac. per year in canola and 2.7 L/ac. per year in soybeans.

Registered crops

  • Glufosinate ammonium tolerant canola
  • Glufosinate ammonium tolerant soybeans

Weeds controlled

1.08 L/ac. rate:

  • Barnyard grass
  • Canada thistle (up to 10 cm, top-growth suppression)
  • Chickweed (up to 4 leaf pairs)
  • Cow cockle
  • Green foxtail
  • Hemp-nettle (up to 3 leaf pairs)
  • Kochia (up to 8 cm)
  • Lady’s thumb
  • Lamb’s-quarters
  • Perennial sow-thistle
  • Quackgrass (top-growth suppression)
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Round-leaved mallow
  • Russian thistle (up to 8 cm)
  • Scentless chamomile (up to 10 cm)
  • Shepherd’s-purse
  • Smartweed
  • Stinkweed
  • Volunteer barley (maximum 2 tillers, suppression only)
  • Volunteer flax (up to 6 cm)
  • Volunteer wheat (maximum 2 tillers)
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Wild mustard

1.35 L/ac. rate:
Weeds listed above plus:

  • Cleavers (2 whorls)
  • Dandelion (1-15 cm rosette)
  • Flixweed (up to 10 cm)
  • Hemp-nettle (up to 4 leaf pairs)
  • Jimsonweed
  • Quackgrass (improved top-growth control)
  • Stork’s bill 
  • Wild oats (maximum 2 tillers)

1.62 L/ac. rate:
Weeds listed above plus:

  • Canada thistle (up to 10 cm, better top-growth suppression)
  • Quackgrass (season-long control for heavy populations)

Performance Tips

  • Granata is a contact herbicide, so good coverage of weeds is required for good activity
  • Spray mid-afternoon for best weed control in hot, sunny weather conditions (15-27 C)
  • Control may be reduced under cool and cloudy conditions
  • For ground application, use a minimum of 10 gallons of water/ac. at a pressure of 275 kPA and ground speed of 6 – 8 km/hr.

Tank-mix partners

  • Facet® L (for enhanced, more consistent cleaver control)

For specific crop usage information see label for details