INTEGO™ Solo is a fungicide seed treatment available with a different mode of action to help manage pythium and phytophthora in soybeans.


Active ingredient:  Group 22 (ethaboxam)
Application:  No colourant – add dye or tank mix with another seed treatment
Treatment area:  One jug treats 709 bushels of soybeans
Notes:  Must be mixed with a colourant prior to use

Registered crops

  • Dry beans
  • Soybeans

Diseases controlled

  • Early season root rot caused by phytophthora
  • Pythium seed rot/damping off

Diseases suppressed

  • Suppression of early season root rot caused by aphanomyces

Disease Control Challenge

Phytophthora is the #1 disease that suppresses soybean yields with losses in Canada estimated at 10 – 40%*. Every time a soybean crop is grown in a field, new resting spores of the disease are returned to the soil, and remain dormant until a host crop is planted into the field again.     

*Bailey et al.2003

Nufarm Solution

For the first time in more than 35 years, soybean growers have a new fungicide seed treatment for control of pythium and phytophthora. INTEGO Solo protects the entire root system to create a zone of defense for crops and returns higher yields.


  • Protection of the entire plant root system – with a unique mode of action that creates a complete zone of defense under ground
  • Wider Spectrum of protection against more species of pythium and phytophthora
  • Bigger Yields – field trials show INTEGO Solo in soybeans yielded an average of 1.5 bu./ac. more than standard seed treatment


  • User-friendly treatment – smooth flowability and low-use rate ensures a consistent, even application and easy treatment experience
  • Systemic action protects against early season seed root rots, seedling blights and longer term  infections of plants
  • The Group 22 active ingredient helps with resistance management of pythium

Application Tips

  • For on-farm use and commercial seed treating systems
  • No colourant is included in INTEGO Solo, and seed treated with INTEGO Solo must be conspicuously coloured
  • INTEGO Solo should be tank mixed with a product labelled for complete protection against Fusarium and Rhizoctonia spp., as well as other fungal pathogens
  • INTEGO Solo is compatible with most liquid inoculants – always check with inoculant suppliers for specific details and treating instructions