ReTain PGR

Plant Growth Regulator

ReTain® PGR harvests the potential of your apple crop as a plant growth regulator that temporarily inhibits ethylene production to slow fruit maturation, ripening and fruit drop.

Technical Information

Chemical class: Plant Growth Regulator
Active ingredient: Aviglycine hydrochloride (AVG) 15%
Packaging: 20 x 333 g case
Rainfast: 8 hours
PCP #: 25609

Registered Crops

  • Apples
  • Cherries


  • Keeps fruit hanging longer
  • Reduces watercore and stem bowl cracking
  • Maintains fruit firmness
  • Provides greater uniformity in maturity across all fruit at each pick
  • Increases fruit size as fruit grows longer
  • Increased fruit set on cherries

General Usage Information

  • Adequate spray volume is required for thorough coverage (935 – 1,870 L/ha)
  • A silicone surfactant must be used when applying ReTain – Xiameter<sup>®</sup> at 0.05-0.1% v/v
  • Use the lower rate of surfactant when trees are stressed or if there are extreme weather conditions e.g. drought or excessive heat.
  • Maximum one application per season
  • The pH should be neutral and not exceed 8.5
  • If applying to trees under stress due to water, heat, disease or poor nutrition – the benefits and efficacy of ReTain may be reduced in these circumstances
  • Please consult the Horticulture Specialist at Nufarm for specific use pattern information related to specific varieties and growing areas
  • DO NOT mix ReTain with any other products other than Xiameter
  • DO NOT apply in high heat
  • DO NOT apply within 4 days of applying Captan fungicide

Improve Your Apple Crop