SureGuard® nursery herbicide provides lasting weed control for ornamental trees and shrubs. SureGuard won’t stain and provides excellent, long-lasting pre-emergence control of tough annual broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Technical information

Herbicide group: Group 14
Active ingredient: Flumioxazin (51.1%)
PCP Number: 29236
Formulation: Water-dispersible granule
Chemical family: N-phenylphthalimide
REI: 12 hours
Application: Spray
Notes: SureGuard contains a single active ingredient – flumioxazin, 51.1% water dispersible granules. With long-lasting residual control, SureGuard provides exceptional value.

SureGuard Turf Ornamental Nursery

SureGuard® herbicide now features a newly expanded label in Canada as a pre-emergence herbicide to control select grass and broadleaf weeds in and around container-grown ornamental deciduous and coniferous trees, including non-bearing fruit and nut trees.

SureGuard application flexibilitySureGuard also offers expanded vegetative management uses, including several new bare ground application areas. SureGuard is proven to provide long-lasting pre-emergence control of a broad spectrum of weeds, now including common chickweed and waterhemp, plus the suppression of moss and liverwort.

SureGuard can be applied in the late fall or winter (after two hard freezes up to bud break in the spring) to deliver control that activates in the spring and lasts through early summer.

Control tough weeds

Controlled Suppressed
Canadian fleabane Liverwort
Common lamb’s-quarters Moss
Common ragweed Volunteer canola
Common chickweed  
Common waterhemp  
Eastern black nightshade  
Green foxtail  
Green pigweed  
Hairy nightshade  
Palmer amaranth  
Redroot pigweed  

Bare ground applications

  • Parking areas, plant sites, substations, pumping stations, oil yards/substations and tank farms
  • Brickyards industrial plant sites, lumber yards and storage areas
  • Around buildings and other structures (do not apply within any enclosed structure)
  • Along fence rows; on gravel surfaces and driveways

Ornamental applications

  • Established container-grown ornamental deciduous and coniferous trees, including non-bearing fruit and nut trees
  • Established field-grown ornamental deciduous and coniferous trees, including Christmas trees and trees produced for reforestation
  • Non-crop areas in and around ornamental nurseries


  • Only apply over top of dormant plants after two frost events. If the plant is actively growing a guard should be used so that no product touches the actively growing plant
  • Do not apply to trees established less than 1 year, unless protected from spray contact by non-porous wraps, grow tubes or wax containers


  • Long-lasting, pre-emergent control of annual broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Low water solubility for long residual control of tough weeds in a nursery setting
  • Binds tightly to the soil to reduce runoff
  • Novel mode of action supports resistance weed management strategies
  • Proven pre-emergent weed control that saves costly hand weeding
  • Broad-spectrum control of tough broadleaf weeds
  • Excellent crop safety (when used as per label)
  • When tank mixed with glyphosate, provides superior knockdown and long residual even on glyphosate-resistant weeds

Glyphosate partner

  • Proven to be an excellent tank mix partner with glyphosate herbicides to enhance knockdown performance and add long-lasting residual control (even on glyphosate-resistant weeds)