Tourney® offers exceptional broad-spectrum control of tough turfgrass diseases in one of the most active, low use rate fungicides on the market.

Technical information

Active ingredient: Group 3, Metconazole (50%) 
Formulation: Water-dispersible granular
Rainfast: 2 hours
Chemical family: Demethylase inhibitor (DMI)
Timing: Spring: broad-spectrum clean up – Summer: broad-spectrum control – Fall: clean up – Winter: snow mould
Packaging: 4 x 2.27 kg jug, one jug treats 5 acres (at 11.2 g/100 m2 rate) 4 jugs per case
Notes: No surfactant required, one application per season

Registered uses

  • Turfgrass on golf courses and sod farms

Diseases controlled

  • Anthracnose basal rot
  • Anthracnose foliar blight
  • Brown patch
  • Dollar spot
  • Fairy ring
  • Grey snow mould*
  • Pink snow mould*
  • Summer patch
  • Waitea patch

* For best pink and grey snow mould control, Tourney must be tank-mixed with another fungicide active on snow mould (i.e. Affirm™ or chlorothalonil). See label for tank-mix partners.

See solution sheet for application rates and Vincelli Ratings.


  • Systemic activity works quickly to control a broad spectrum of the toughest turf diseases
  • Low use rates lessen the environmental load
  • Most active DMI on the market, providing fast, effective and consistent control for 14 to 21 days
  • Works as a preventive fungicide to prevent spore formation and inhibit mycelial growth
  • Use in a regularly scheduled spray program for optimal disease control – and in combination and/or rotation with fungicides that have a different mode of action (not Group 3)

Performance tips

  • Apply as a foliar spray when targeting foliar diseases or as a drench when targeting crown and/or root diseases

Turf disease control challenge

Maintaining top quality turf is a tough job. Every season brings new disease challenges for sod farmers and superintendents. In the high value turfgrass market, diseases pose one of the biggest challenges, leaving supers looking for options for broad-spectrum disease control.

Nufarm solution

Tourney fungicide delivers broad-spectrum disease control for exceptional turf quality while reducing the overall environmental load. The active ingredient, metconazole, is one of the most active and has the lowest use rate, compared to other demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicides.