Have you just planted new grass?
Planning a weed control programme for new grass will help you grow healthy and persistent pasture.

In new grass, many believe that if the weeds are small they won’t cause any short term pasture damage. However, research shows that leaving this spray out of your pasture plan can have both short and long term effects on both clover and grass production.

Short term

Seedling weeds affect pasture composition as they vigorously compete for nutrients, moisture, light and most importantly, space. Early removal of these weeds allows for more rapid and even pasture establishment resulting in an increased amount of feed for stock.

Long term

Poor establishment of newly sown pasture results in a decrease in pasture productivity and an increase in chemical costs from the extra weed control requirements down the track.



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The Grassmanship video series

Find out more about best practice weed control in new pasture by watching the Grassmanship video series below, featuring Jamie MacKay from The Country and Nufarm’s weed control expert, Chris Brenan.

Video 1: Why spray your new pasture

Video 2: Spraying new pasture pre-grazing

Video 3: Weed challenges in new pastures

Video 4: Spraying new pastures post-grazing

Video 5: Nufarm's product range for new pasture