Virtual Learning Series

Managing Italian Ryegrass on Roadsides with Piper Herbicide

Roadsides in the Southeast are battling ALS and glyphosate resistant Italian Ryegrass. Learn how Piper’s dual mode of action tackles this species and allows for desirable grasses to flourish.

Manage Your Bareground Sites with Piper

Hear from Dr. Dan Beran, Technical Services Director and Jon Storr, Territory Sales Manager as they show why Piper is a key innovation for maintaining bareground sites.

Agronomic Insights

How Herbicides Are Built Can Make All The Difference

In the realm of weed management, the scenario we observed moving into the 2020 season was wrought with challenges.

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Vegetation Management Product Guide

California Crop Product Guide

Range, Pasture & Aquatic Product Guide

Additional Information

Product Comparison Guide: Selective and Non-Selective Herbicides

See how Nufarm’s herbicides stack up in the Product Comparison Guide for selective and non-selective herbicides.