To celebrate these great growing conditions, NUFARM decided to tour several places across Algeria together with our channel partner AGRICHEM to meet farmers and help them best prepare for the cropping season.


Three events with a total of over 150 cereal farmers as well as representatives from crop protection authorities and the National Technical Center for Cereal Growing were held in Constantine, Guelema and Annaba, covering the major cereal production lands in East Algeria. NUFARM used the meetings to connect face to face with farmers and train them on cereal fungicide disease management and present our solutions.
The team from AGRICHEM have done a professional contribution with the lead of Mr. Ismail Fayçal. It’s fantastic to share these moments and to see how all the work we do brings actual value to growers.

NUFARM introduced two cereal fungicides with our local partner AGRICHEM in early 2020.