Nufarm increases its investment and expands partnership with crop health company, Enko.

28 Jul 2022

On expanding Nufarm’s partnership, Nufarm Managing Director and CEO Greg Hunt said

“Nufarm aims to bring the latest seed and chemical technologies to bear in the field, helping our customers overcome crop threats and be able to ‘grow a better tomorrow’—which impacts all of us. We were early investors in Enko and have followed the performance of their pipeline in the lab and field over the last two years with increased interest.

As an agricultural innovator, Nufarm’s strategy is to partner with like-minded companies who recognise that innovation and technology are the future for sustainable agriculture practices. We have growing confidence in the team deploying Enko’s proven research and development platform and so were delighted to invest in this Series C financing round.”

Read Enko’s media release here.

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