For your sugar

Product Type: Other
Active Ingredient: 900g/L non ionic surfactants

Formulation: Liquid

The all-in-one non-ionic wetter that does more than any other
Wherever a non-ionic wetter is required it always pays to use the best, most efficient option. With Activator, just one surfactant reduces foaming and driftable fines, improves rainfastnesss and wetting and also improves uptake – can any surfactant do more? Save yourself the trouble and give it go today – you’ll be more than happy with the results.
Use with all herbicides, insecticides and fungicides where a non-ionic wetter is required or recommended
  • Reduces the number of surfactants in your shed.
Reduces foaming
  • Makes mixing spray tank easy.
Helps with rainfastness and driftable fines
  • Maximise crop protection with reduced off target drift and damage.
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