Amicide Advance 700

Australian made for Australian weeds

A non-volatile product for the control of broadleaf weeds in fallow before direct drilling or sowing of cereals and pastures; and in cereal crops, pastures, Sugarcane and non-agricultural areas. Formulated for use with CRUCIAL and weedmaster DST. This is a PHENOXY HERBICIDE that can cause severe damage to susceptible crops such as cotton, grapes, tomato, oilseed crops and ornamentals.

As Australian as you are with unmatched compatibility that ticks all the boxes.
This unique, high strength and robust amine formulation with dual salt technology, offers superior compatibility while delivering excellent weed control in Summer fallow, pre-em knockdown and in crop.


Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group I Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 700 g/L 2,4-D present as the dimethylamine and
monomethylamine salts

Formulation: Soluble Liquid



Dual Salt Technology 

  • Overcomes inherent incompatibility of 2,4-D with glyphosate.

Quality high load 700g/L

  • The best 2,4-D amine formulation with an excellent crop safety profile

Made locally from Australian materials

  • Always available when the season demands it for Summer fallow, pre-em knockdown and in crop applications
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