weedmaster DST


The trusted local at home in the Australian Summer.
With a high strength dual salt formulation, specialised surfactant package and extensive registrations, it’s little surprise weedmaster DST excels at tackling weeds in Summer fallow, pre-em knockdown, in-crop and pre-harvest.



Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group M Herbicide
Active ingredient(s): 470 g/L glyphosate (present as the potassium and mono-ammonium salts)
Formulation: Soluble Liquid


Quality Dual Salt Technology

  • Provides robust performance for control without compromise

Unique Surfactant package

  • Fast brownout of weeds

Unparalleled registrations and reliable compatibility

  • Ideal for all-year-round use

Designed, researched and made in Australia

  • Comprehensively researched for Australian conditions, so you get it right the first time with confidence
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