Through having worked side by side with growers for over 100 years, Nufarm is Australian through and through. We know how to help you get the most from your land, especially when the threat of weeds appears. Make Terrad’or your number one go-to for fast and effective control of broadleaf weeds and true activity on grasses. Plus with no residual activity, and short plant-backs to key crops, maximum yield potential can be maintained.

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group G
Active ingredient(s): 700g/kg Tiafenacil
Formulation: Wettable Granule (WG)

Outstanding broadleaf weed and annual grass control with no residual activity. Get the new knockdown spike herbicide solution. 

Key features & benefits
  • Fast and effective control of broadleaf weeds
  • True activity on grasses 
  • No residual activity, and short plant-backs to key crops 
Compatible Products

Nufarm’s Terrad’or can be used as a standalone herbicide for the control of certain weeds at 20-40 g/ha + 1 % Banjo® Spray Adjuvant.

To broaden the weed spectrum Terrad’or® may be tank mixed with CRUCIAL®, weedmaster®DST® or weedmaster®ARGO®, Shirquat®, Revolver®, Biffo®, Amitrole T, Amicide Advance 700, Estercide® Xtra 680, Kamba® 750, or Comet® 400, Bromicide® 200, Diurex®, Kyte®, TriflurX®, Avadex® XtraTerbazine®.