New knockdown spike for broadleaf and grass weed control


Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group G
Active ingredient(s): 700g/kg Tiafenacil
Formulation: Wettable Granule (WG)

Nufarm’s Terrad’or is a new non-selective spike herbicide that offers outstanding control of broadleaf weeds, and increased speed of brownout of a range of broadleaf and grass weeds prior to establishment of crops.

Key features & benefits

No residual activity, short plant-backs to key crops

  • No delayed sowing, maintains maximum yield potential

True grass activity

  • Helps prolong the effective use of non-selective knockdown chemistry

Very fast brownout

  • Fast and effective weed control

Nufarm’s Terrad’or can be used as a standalone herbicide for the control of certain weeds at 20-40 g/ha + 1 % Banjo® Spray Adjuvant.

To broaden the weed spectrum Terrad’or® may be tank mixed with CRUCIAL®, weedmaster®DST® or weedmaster®ARGO®, Shirquat®, Revolver®, Biffo®, Amitrole T, Amicide Advance 700, Estercide® Xtra 680, Kamba® 750, or Comet® 400, Bromicide® 200, Diurex®, Kyte®, TriflurX®, Avadex® Xtra, Tomahawk®, Terbazine®.