Nufarm, the leader in Cane Grub control options

For over a century, Nufarm has been helping Australian growers improve their crops through innovations like the controlled release granule, Nufarm’s suSCon maxi intel.

Nufarm have been innovating in the sugar industry since the early 80’s, when we released our first cane grub control product suSCon Blue. Our latest innovation is Nufarm’s SuSCon maxi intel, a controlled release granule offering up to 4 years protection from cane grubs. Nufarm also offer a convenient liquid formulation, Nuprid.

Benefits of Nufarm’s SuSCon maxi intel:

  • Long term control
  • Only one application is required for up to 4 years control – convenience, reduced labour inputs, peace of mind
  • Desirable plant populations are maintained
  • Increased sugarcane plant vigour and yield potential
  • Reduced stool tipping
  • Stronger ratoons and increased ratooning life
  • Lower environmental hazard compared with alternative insecticide options
  • Ease of monitoring application to ensure correct placement of the insecticide for optimal control of the canegrub species targeted.

Nufarm’s suSCon maxi intel has been developed with a more controlled release of imidacloprid than its predecessor Nufarm’s suSCon maxi (Figure 1). This has resulted in a more prolonged release of imidacloprid to control target pests and therefore extended protection compared with Nufarm’s suSCon maxi (figure 1).


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Courtney Richards

Business Development Manager
Mackay and Burdekin

Tel/Mob: 0400 693 260
[email protected]

Growing up farming; I realised very early on the unmatched resilience and innovation of the ‘Australian Farmer’. Our industry is constantly adapting new practise to ensure sustainability in our increasingly challenging environment. I have spent most of my career as an Agronomist, working alongside growers offering integrative solutions to problems and I endeavour to continue this as part of the Nufarm team. I have a Citrus farm with my husband and 3 children in the Burdekin, North Queensland and outside of this, you will find me on the sideline of various sporting fields cheering the kids on.


Sam Adam

Business Development Manager
Southern Qld Coast

Tel/Mob: 0437 781 551
[email protected]

I started working for Nufarm 2 years ago and have loved every minute. I feel very fortunate to be working in an industry as exciting and personal as agriculture. I am constantly learning and will always get a thrill out of seeing happy customers. After hours I enjoy all things footy (as well as most other sports), and love to travel. Seeing our channel partners and growers using crop protection products, made by an Australian company puts a smile on my face.


Mark Rantucci

Business Development Manager & Horticulture Manager
Far North QLD & NT

Tel/Mob: 0409200993
mark.rantuc[email protected]

Growing up on our family farm at Dimbulah in Far North Queensland, gave me an appreciation of farming and the rural lifestyle. Working for Nufarm allows me to be involved and spend time in the paddock with growers, to provide agronomic solutions. In my spare time I don’t mind spending several days fishing and camping.  What’s most important to me, is spending time with family and friends.


Matthew Moyle

Business Development Manager
North Coast NSW & South East QLD

Tel/Mob: 0400 811 796
[email protected]

With 20+ years in the Ag industry, I have seen a lot of changes in crop protection. I’m proud to say that I have been heavily involved in the drive towards sustainable and responsible farming practices. Modern day North Coast farmers are passionate about their land and are very aware of the impact of their actions. And, they are well positioned to deliver high quality, responsibly grown produce to the rest of the world. With our new wave of innovative products, there are exciting times ahead for Nufarm and its farming partners.

Through working together as farmers, channel partners and supplier we can secure local crop protection solutions for Australians. Through our research, stewardship and our formulations, we’re an Australian agriculture partner through and through.

Learn more about Nufarm's suSCon maxi intel

Nufarm’s suSCon maxi Intel is a revolution in grub control, the result of nearly 40 years of Australian research. With one single application, it provides protection against major sugar grubs for up to 4 years! Saving you time and money, it’s the convenient, long lasting control that’s always on guard.