For over a century, Nufarm Australia has been helping growers improve their crops through innovations like the superior copper formulation, Tri-base Blue.
Providing exceptional control and extended protection against various fungal diseases, Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue’s unique liquid formulation makes measuring and pouring easy and dust-free. The perfect solution for use as an alternative to the traditional copper products, Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue has an excellent crop safety profile. Plus with great storage properties and convenient 10L packs and 640L shuttles,  Tri-Base Blue should be in every growers’ shed.

Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue uses less applied copper & provides superior efficacy on key diseases such as Downy Mildew (Figure 1) compared with other copper sources such as cupric hydroxide. Reduced copper loading in the soil and on the plants, coupled with more protection makes Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue a copper like no other.

Plant surfaces need to have a complete coverage of copper fungicide to defend the plant against infection. Copper fungicides work by preventing spore germination and can act at several stages in the fungus development. Any plant surface left untreated remains a potential disease infection site. Coverage is far more important than the quantity of actual copper on the plant surface.

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Why Tri-Base Blue for Mangoes?

        • Improved coverage through ultra-fine particle sizes
        • Sustained release copper means longer lasting protection for your mangoes
        • Available in 10L and 640L pack sizes

Why Tri-Base Blue for Avocados?

    • An extended period of protection through superior formulation
    • 33% less copper active required than red copper means a more sustainable choice
    • An easy to use liquid formulation

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Nufarm Tri-Base Blue has a new look, with the same formulation you know and trust. Learn more about our grower-led improvements here.