From controlling annual ryegrass (Including populations with weak levels of glyphosate resistance), through to its proven results on other notoriously hard-to-kill weeds, Nufarm’s Terrad’or outperforms other well-established Group 14 spike herbicides.

Rigorously field tested in Australian conditions, Nufarm’s Terrad’or, gives growers the edge they need to assist in managing glyphosate resistance. An excellent mix partner for all non-selective herbicides, it is an invaluable tool when it comes to controlling problem weeds like marshmallow, sow thistle, wild radish and annual ryegrass. Get noticeably faster and better results with Nufarm’s Terrad’or.

Nufarm Terrad’or offers:

Fast and effective control of broadleaf weeds

One of the unique properties of Nufarm’s Terrad’or is its higher activity per gram of active ingredient. This is easily summarised in the below graph. The data from these 6 trials and across annual winter weed species that were present indicates that Nufarm’s Terrad’or has the strongest activity.

True activity on grasses

With glyphosate resistance becoming a wider problem especially with some key grass weeds such as Annual Ryegrass, herbicides with alternative modes of action should be considered. Group 14 actives with grass activity could be useful to help in the management of resistant weeds, if used wisely. There are no recorded cases of weeds resistant to Group 14 herbicides in Australia.


No residual activity, and short plant-backs to key crops

With no residual activity, and short plant-backs to key crops, maximum yield potential can be maintained when using Nufarm Terrad’or.

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Our reason for trying Terrad’or was pretty straightforward – we wanted better results for our knockdown spend. When you’re growing cereals, it can get very expensive when you start selective weed control post-planting. If we can get a more effective knockdown that gets the results before we sow, it’s more than worth the investment in a premium product.

We tried the Terrad’or and we were really happy with the results. It mixed better than our previous spikes and we got much quicker brown-down of the broadleaf weeds. The ryegrass was the standout for us, though. The Terrad’or delivered great results even on the bigger ryegrass and we got complete control. It was a much more effective knockdown result than anything we’d used in the past.

Terrad’or ticks all the boxes as far as price and efficacy goes – it’s the best of both worlds. We’ve tried a lot of different spikes and we’d usually come back to Sharpen, but based on our experience, Terrad’or is better and cheaper.

Mick Harris, Agronomist AGnVET




Make Terrad’or your number one go-to for fast and effective control of broadleaf weeds and true activity on grasses.

Plus with no residual activity, and short plant-backs to key crops, maximum yield potential can be maintained.

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