Getting weeds out of the way early in the spring brings better yields at harvest. Corn growers have known this for years, using the “set-up” acre with pre-emergent herbicide for early, effective weed control.

Did you know that soybeans benefit from the same weed control program?

Here are six great reasons to set-up this year’s soybean crop for stronger performance this year.

1. Bigger yields. Extensive trials1 have demonstrated a 4-9 bu./ac. yield gain when you use pre-emergent herbicides, like BlackHawk® and BifectaTM, prior to a post glyphosate application, compared to just doing a post application of glyphosate.

2. Better control. When you control weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide in soybeans, you limit the number and type of weeds that need to be controlled in-season with a second pass.

3. More flexibility. Taking out the initial flush of weeds before your soybean crop emerges gives you a wider window for a second spray in-season, if you need it.

4. Increased performance. Pre-emergent herbicides that include residual activity are an effective way to target problem weeds like nightshade, pigweed and lamb’s-quarters.

5. Stronger stewardship. Managing herbicide resistance is part of the job. Use herbicides with multiple modes of action, and change up the chemistry you use every year to reduce the risk of herbicide-resistant weeds.

6. Extra value. The soybean set-up acre will add to your bottom line. Investing $15-$25/ac. on pre-emergent herbicides can increase your yields by more than $50/ac.2 And don’t forget to factor in the value of decreasing your work load and weed pressure, and stronger resistance management practices.


 Nufarm has the perfect combination for your soybean set-up acre.

Always read and follow label directions.
BlackHawk® is a registered trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Inc. Bifecta ™ is a trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Inc.

1Data from Purdue Extension Weed Science and Ohio State Horticulture and crop science extension fact sheet “The benefits of Preemergence herbicides in Round-up Ready soybean” April 2008.
2Based on ~SRP of common set-up herbicides and assumed $12.50/bu cash price of soybean with demonstrated potential yield increase of 4-9 bu/ac.