It’s still summer, but it’s never too early to think about getting tough weeds under control with a fall burndown. As the summer wraps up, perennial weeds like dandelion and perennial sow-thistle are going to be using their deep tap roots to get set to overwinter. And winter annuals begin to emerge in the fall, settling in for the winter so they can bolt out sooner next spring.

An effective fall burndown can tackle perennials and winter annuals so you have fewer weeds to deal with next spring and a cleaner start for your next crop.

Managing those darn dandelions

“There are two main reasons I recommend BlackHawk® in a tank mix with glyphosate for a fall burndown,” says Adam Bent, Nufarm eastern territory manager in Ontario.

Most importantly, BlackHawk plus glyphosate provides a winning combination to control dandelions in the fall. The tank mix delivers both systemic and contact activity. The 2,4-D in BlackHawk and the glyphosate work together to move through the plant and down to the tap root. “You also get a slow burn with the pyraflufen-ethyl component of BlackHawk, and that’s a good thing,” explains Bent. “It doesn’t take long, about 48 hours to see the burning on the weeds after applying BlackHawk. And that process gives the glyphosate and 2,4-D time to translocate down into the roots for a better kill.”

“Also, BlackHawk is easy to use. Both active ingredients are in one jug to provide an all-in-one solution,” says Bent. The two actives (Group 4 and 14), along with glyphosate offer a strong management tool to minimize the risk of resistant weeds developing.

Apply to growing weeds

BlackHawk must be applied when weeds are actively growing, so they can effectively translocate the systemic herbicides. “You can apply BlackHawk as late as you want in the fall, as long as the weeds are still growing,” says Bent.

The burndown product can be used after harvest to clean up fields for next year’s crops. And can also be used in a pre-emergent application on winter wheat that’s planted this fall.

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