Calgary, AB [February 28, 2019] – Nufarm Agriculture announced a spring turf fungicide offer that provides savings on Affirm™ WDG, Tourney® and Pinpoint™ fungicides with proven effectiveness on more than a dozen threatening course diseases, including basal rot anthracnose and dollar spot.

Customers can save $25 on bags of Affirm, $50 on jugs of Pinpoint and $75 on jugs of Tourney purchased from an authorized distributor from March 1, 2019, through June 15, 2019. More details and registration can be accessed at  

Nufarm fungicides help superintendents and turf management professionals mount an effective disease defence with unique modes of action to support disease resistance management and results that help keep fairways, tees and greens looking and playing their best.

Pinpoint and Tourney rotation recommended for dollar spot

Nufarm recommends the application of Pinpoint for spring cleanup of overwintered dollar spot followed by the application of Tourney 14 to 21 days later to keep turf clean.

Affirm and Tourney rotation recommended for anthracnose

When anthracnose erupts, Affirm can help knock it down quickly while follow up 10 days later with Tourney can provide long-lasting control.

Beyond dollar spot and anthracnose management

Affirm fungicide is a proven leader in the control of tough turf diseases while helping to mitigate disease resistance development. It delivers excellent control of dollar spot and rhizoctonia diseases as well as waitea patch control and snow mould suppression.

Pinpoint fungicide is an excellent fungicide rotation partner to optimize disease management stewardship. Its unique and targeted active ingredient has been proven to deliver outstanding control of dollar spot in addition to take-all patch, fairy ring and brown patch.

Tourney fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control for turf quality while reducing the overall environmental load. Compared to other demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicides, the active ingredient in Tourney is among the most active and has the lowest use rate. 


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