Calgary, AB [February 11, 2020] – There’s a new label update for DiPel® 2X DF biological insecticide. The product is now approved for control of box tree moth, also known as boxwood moth, on outdoor boxwood ornamentals.


The box tree moth, native to China and other parts of Asia, was discovered fall of 2018 in Toronto. Box tree moth caterpillars are yellow-green with dark stripes. They feed on boxwood plants, causing defoliation and plant death, plus significant masses of webbing. Ornamental managers should be vigilant in the identification and planned treatment of the invasive box tree moth as they can spread rapidly and cause heavy damage.


“It is important to be ready to address a threat like the box tree moth due to its ability to cause such rapid devastation,” said Jason Fausey, Nufarm director of Technical Services. “DiPel provides an environmentally friendly and highly effective response to protect boxwoods and help prevent this pest from spreading.”  


DiPel 2X DF, from Valent BioSciences LLC, is a leading biological insecticide that provides growers with a high-potency resistance management tool for proven control of Lepidoptera pests. It has low toxicity to beneficial insects, and causes targeted pests to immediately stop feeding, causing elimination within 1-3 days. DiPel offers a dry flowable formulation that is easy to use and tank-mix compatible.


For more information about DiPel, download the DiPel 2X DF label or contact:

Jessica Gal
Turf & Ornamental Sales, Canada
[email protected]


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