What’s the best way to manage Canada fleabane before planting soybeans?

April 24, 2020

This season is off to a challenging start with COVID-19. Some regions are seeing warmer conditions that may bring additional considerations for early season weed control before planting soybeans. There are areas in Ontario that have already had more than double the number of growing degree days compared to last year. That means winter annuals that germinated last fall are already growing…and now is the time for a pre-seed burndown for optimum weed control.


One of the weeds to watch is Canada fleabane. Joe Thomas, Nufarm territory manager in southwest Ontario, has some simple, straightforward advice on how and when to control fleabane in fields where you’ll be planting soybeans.


“An early spring means fleabane can grow past the staging window to be effectively controlled – so be sure to time your burndown application right,” says Joe. “For best results, burndown products like BlackHawk® should be applied before fleabane grows to be 10 cm across.”


To learn more, watch Joe’s short in-field demo that includes recommendations for pre-seed and pre-emergent weed control with BlackHawk and BifectaTM for fleabane and other broadleaf weeds.

Set your soybeans up for success by reducing the amount of weed competition early with an effective herbicide program.


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