Bifecta™ pre-emergent residual herbicide delivers strong control of the toughest resistant broadleaf weeds in herbicide-tolerant soybeans.


Active ingredients:  Group 5 (metribuzin), Group 14 (flumioxazin)
Application timing:  Pre-plant, pre-emergent
Treatment area:  One case treats 40 acres
Tank-mix order:  Valtera, TriCor®, BlackHawk (if used), gylphosate
Tank-mix rate:  Valtera 140 g/ha, TriCor 550 g/ha
PCP #s:  30661, 29230

 Registered crops

  • Soybeans

Major weeds controlled

Now registered for control of Common waterhemp and Palmer amaranth

  • Canada fleabane (including glyphosate resistant)
  • Common chickweed
  • Common ragweed (including glyphosate resistant)
  • Common waterhemp
  • Green and yellow foxtail (suppression)
  • Green smartweed
  • Lamb’s-quarters
  • Nightshades
  • Palmer amaranth
  • Pigweeds
  • Seeding dandelion
  • Velvetleaf
  • Wild mustard

Weed Control Challenge

When it comes to managing glyphosate-resistant weeds, good isn’t good enough anymore. Soybean growers need exceptional weed control right from the start for herbicide-tolerant and Roundup Ready® crops. And that control needs to continue all season long on the toughest resistant weeds including fleabane, pigweed and ragweed.

Nufarm Solution

Bifecta delivers exceptional broad-spectrum control of the toughest resistant weeds in herbicide-tolerant soybeans in Canada. Two active ingredients (Group 5 and 14) work together to provide strong residual control and sound resistance management. This proven combination controls the toughest resistant broadleaf weeds with bonus activity on hard-to-control annual grasses.


  • Strong glyphosate-resistant fleabane burndown and control when tank mixed with BlackHawk® herbicide
  • Enhanced burndown and residual activity for up to five weeks
  • Superior resistance management with two active ingredients


  • Flexible pre-plant or post-plant pre-emergent application timings
  • Controls many weeds showing resistance to Group 2 and Group 5 herbicides
  • Combines newer chemistry (flumioxazin) with proven active (metribuzin)
  • No surfactant needed
  • Tank mixable with most burndown products and pre-emergent herbicides (ie. glyphosate and BlackHawk)
  • Easy-to-use co-pack