[BIGGAR, SK] – When daily chores, prepping for seeding or harvest, crop scouting and about a million other tasks come together at once on the farm, making life a little easier for farmers is what Nufarm is here to do. Fierce EZ and Valtera EZ make managing weeds easier by freeing up time in the spring with a fall-applied soil active herbicide.


In fall 2021, Nufarm wanted to make one lucky customer’s life even EZr by giving away a new Kubota RTV 520 for all those chores that add up each day, or just adding some farm fun! The lucky winner of the Nufarm 2021 Fall Contest was Coady Dehr of Biggar, Saskatchewan.


We caught up with Coady and his family—his wife, Lexie, and kids, Devin and Chloe—on their ranch, Star Over Bar Ranch Ltd. to deliver the new Kubota RTV and hear about how it and Nufarm’s soil active herbicides make life easier on the farm.

Nufarm Kubota Contest Winner Coady Dehr

Photo (Holly Nicoll):  Coady Dehr of Biggar, SK with his wife, Lexi and kids, Chloe and Devin beside their new Kubota RTV 520 

“I really didn’t believe him when he called me, I thought he was messing with me because I’ve known Paul for a long time,” Coady says about when he received the call from Territory Manager Paul Fuhr. “I was pretty excited and pretty stoked and had a good chat with him about it.”


“We’ll use it in the wife’s riding arena and to check crops and move cows… it will be kept very busy,” Coady explains about how much use the new Kubota will be on the ranch. Coady also describes how Valtera EZ has been a time-saver on his farm, “I’ve put it on in fall where I’m going to put my lentils down in spring so I can control some weeds that are very tough to get with group-2 herbicides.”


Learn more about how Valtera EZ and Fierce EZ can make life easier on the farm with early season weed control.