Get ahead of spring weeds by spraying Valtera EZ or Fierce EZ this fall.

Are there weeds in your fields giving you a headache? Is kochia becoming a bigger problem? Are wild oats a nuisance? Now is the time to start planning for early season weed control next spring. 

Spray Valtera™ EZ or Fierce® EZ soil active herbicides this fall after harvest and before freeze up to get up to 8 weeks of extended weed control in pulses, wheat and soybeans next spring. 

Watch this video and learn how Valtera EZ and Fierce EZ work to manage spring weeds.


Valtera EZ and Fierce EZ knock out tough-to-kill weeds with up to 8 weeks of extended control in pulses, wheat and soybeans. These pre-emergent herbicides can help manage Group 2-, 4- and glyphosate-resistant weeds while staying flexible so you can move from pulses to cereals with no cropping restrictions.


When applied in the fall, Valtera EZ and Fierce EZ create a protective layer of herbicide that activates with spring moisture. While you’re busy seeding next spring, Valtera EZ and Fierce EZ actively help control spring weeds as they emerge. The residual activity of Valtera EZ and Fierce EZ takes out multiple flushes of weeds for up to 8 weeks, preserving nutrients and moisture in the soil, and helping your crop get a head start.

Use Valtera EZ or Fierce pre-emergent herbicide in the fall to control spring weedsUse Valtera EZ or Fierce pre-emergent herbicide in the fall to control spring weeds

West_SoilActive-EasyToUseValtera EZ or Fierce pre-emergent herbicides are easy to use


Fierce EZ worked really well on our farm. We left two check strips so we could tell the difference. It worked really well suppressing the canola, wild mustard, and it worked really well on the kochia as well.

- Megan Moore (Rosetown, SK)

We had a serious kochia problem in this area, and we are finding Valtera is doing an excellent job of controlling kochia in our lentils. And we are able to grow lentils in certain fields that we couldn't in the past.

- Kache Miller, KJM Farms (Warner, AB)

Product Information


Group 14 herbicide

This soil active, pre-emergent herbicide knocks down several tough broadleaf weeds including kochia, chickweed, lamb’s quarters, pigweed, seedling dandelions and volunteer canola (suppression). Now available in a convenient liquid formulation.

Lentils | Chickpeas | Field Peas
Wheat | Soybeans | Field Corn

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Fierce EZ herbicide product page


Group 14 & 15 herbicides

With two modes of action, this pre-emergent herbicide has extended activity on broadleaf and grass weeds including chickweed, cleavers, kochia, lamb’s quarters, Russian thistle (suppression), volunteer canola (suppression), green foxtail, and wild oats (suppression).

Chickpeas | Field Peas | Lentils (fall application)
Wheat (spring, winter) | Soybeans | Field Corn

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