Affirm™ WDG fungicide is a proven leader at managing basal rot anthracnose and rhizoctonia diseases with a unique mode of action.

Technical information

Active ingredient: Polyoxin D zinc salt (11.3%)
Formulation: Water-dispersible granule
Rainfast: Avoid application when heavy rain is forecast
Chemical family: Polyoxins
Packaging: 3 x 1.09 kg bag, one bag treats 1 acre (at the 27 g/100 m2 rate)
PCP number: 32920
FRAC number: 19
Maximum applications per season: Up to three applications per season
Notes: Non-ionic surfactant required for treating root diseases

Registered uses

  • Turfgrass on golf courses
  • Sod farms
  • Commercial and industrial lawns
  • Creeping bentgrass
  • Creeping fescues
  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Perennial ryegrass
  • Poa annuals
  • Outdoor ornamentals

Diseases controlled

  • Anthracnose
  • Brown patch
  • Brown ring patch / Waitea Patch
  • Fairy ring (types 1 and 2)
  • Grey snow mould (suppression)
  • Leaf spot and melting out
  • Pink snow mould (suppression)
  • Red thread
  • Yellow patch

See solution sheet for application rates and Vincelli Ratings.


  • Unique FRAC 19 offers a new tool for disease resistance management rotation programs
  • Controls all rhizoctonia diseases, anthracnose, and suppresses grey and pink snow mould
  • Works through contact activity for up to 14 days of control
  • Tank mix compatible, good partner with Tourney for control of listed diseases and dollar spot
  • Excellent rotation partner for managing resistance to SDHI and DMI fungicides

Performance tips

  • Combine with a DMI fungicide for best control of anthracnose and dollar spot mix
  • To prevent disease from spreading onto golf greens, always treat aprons and fairway approaches
  • In high pH situations (8 or above) performance could be compromised and an acidifying agent is recommended

Turf disease control challenge

Managing turfgrass disease and disease resistance development are both of high importance. When many of the products available to control troublesome disease work through the same mode of action, it can be difficult to create a fungicide rotation program that works well at tackling the disease and managing development of resistance. Canadian superintendents need additional products with unique FRAC numbers to include in their programs.

Nufarm solution

Affirm™ WDG fungicide offers a unique mode of action to control many tough turf diseases while helping to mitigate disease resistance development. Affirm has been a proven leader in the United States, delivering excellent control to anthracnose and rhizoctonia diseases. In Canada, superintendents can also count on Affirm for Waitea patch control and snow mould suppression. Plus, Affirm may be tank mixed with Tourney for increased dollar spot control.