Carrier is a designer spray adjuvant that can be tank-mixed with several herbicides including Epic, Nufarm Tralkoxydim, Signal and Statue.

Tank-mix partners and use rate:

Refer to both the Carrier and respective herbicide labels for additional instructions, tank-mixes, use rates and mixing orders.

Herbicide Rate of Carrier added Volume of Carrier added
to 1,000 L spray solution
Achieve® Liquid 0.5% v/v 5 L
Bison™ 400 L
Nufarm Tralkoxydim
Signal® 0.25 – 0.32% v/v* 2.5 – 3.2 L

*Use 0.25% v/v when Signal herbicide is applied at 93 mL/acre (40 acres/jug) and 0.32% v/v when applied at 117 mL/acre (32 acres/jug).

Packaging:  2 x 8 L case