Epic® is the most reliable Group 1 herbicide on the market today for broad-spectrum grass weed control in wheat and barley.

Technical Information

Active ingredient: Group 1 (pinoxaden)
Rainfast: 1 hour
Treatment area: One case treats 80 acres at 242 mL/ac.
Tank-mix order: Broadleaf herbicide,* Epic, Carrier (0.5% v/v or 5 L/1,000 L of water)
Crop staging: 1 leaf – flag leaf
Notes: Carrier adjuvant must be used with Epic, and is sold separately
*Refer to the Epic and herbicide label for specific mixing instructions

Registered Crops

  • Barley
  • Wheat (spring, durum)

Weeds Controlled

Barnyard grass Volunteer canary seed
Green foxtail Volunteer oats
Persian darnel Wild oats
Proso millet Yellow foxtail


  • Systemic, selective control of grassy weeds
  • Wide window of application
  • Flexible tank-mix options
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Actively growing susceptible grasses stop growing within 48 hours and turn yellow within 1-3 weeks

Tank-Mix Partners

  • Buctril® M
  • Cirpreme®
  • Curtail® M
  • Enforcer D
  • Enforcer M
  • Frontline XL
  • Infinity®
  • MCPA ester
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  • Nufarm propiconazole
  • Pixxaro
  • Prestige
  • Refine® SG
  • Refine SG + MCPA ester
  • Spectrum
  • Stellar® XL
  • TILT®
  • Trophy®

Supported tank-mix
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for specific crop usage information see label for details