Signal® herbicide delivers leading Group 1 grass weed control in wheat with proven crop safety and tank mix flexibility. It can be combined with a wide range of broadleaf herbicide options.

Technical Information

Active ingredient: Group 1 (clodinafop)
Rainfast: 30 minutes
Treatment rate: One case treats 40 acres
Tank-mix order: Any broadleaf herbicide first, Signal, Enhance®
Crop staging: Prior to emergence of 4th tiller
Notes: Always follow tank mix order, follow label directions for any tank mix products added

Control Tough Weeds

Grass Weeds at 93 mL Per Acre
Barnyard grassVolunteer canary seed (requires 115 mL/ac.)
Foxtail (green, yellow)Wild oats (up to 6-leaf stage)
Persian darnel 

Registered crops

  • Wheat (spring, durum)


  • PROVEN crop safety
  • TRUSTED PERFORMANCE for wild oat control
  • TANK MIX FLEXIBILITY with a wide range of broadleaf herbicide partners


  • Superior wild oat and grass weed control
  • Ground and aerial application
  • Tried and true product performance

Weed Control Challenge

Every year, wild oats return as one of the top weed problems for wheat growers across Western Canada. It’s one of those weeds that just seems to be part of the landscape – competing with young wheat crops for nutrients, moisture and sunlight.

Nufarm Solution

Signal herbicide delivers the proven performance of the leading Group 1 graminicide of the century (clodinafop). Growers know and trust wild oat control from Signal to keep wheat fields clean, healthy and profitable, that’s why clodinafop is used on more wheat acres than any other grass herbicide in Western Canada.

Tank Mix Partners

Broadleaf Herbicides
2,4-D Amine/Ester+Flurox® 24/Attain®Pixxaro†
Curtail MInfinity†Refine® SG†
Enforcer DMextrol/Buctril MTrophy
Enforcer MMCPA Amine/Ester 
Decis®†   –   or   –   Matador®
Tilt®/Nufarm Propiconazole†
Supported tank mix


for specific crop usage information see label for details