Venim™ is a selective in-crop herbicide that provides control of broadleaf and grass weeds in peas, dry beans, and soybeans.

Technical information

Active ingredient: Group 2 (imazamox)
Treatment area: One case treats 160 acres (2 x 3.66 L case)
Application timing: Post-emergent 
Notes: Carrier adjuvant must be used with Venim and is sold separately.

Registered crops

  • Dry bean (emergence to 3 expanded trifoliate leaves)
  • Field peas
  • Soybeans
  • Imidazolinone-tolerant lentils and sunflowers

Weeds controlled

Grass weeds (1 – 4 Leaf or early tillering) 

  • Barnyard grass
  • Green foxtail (including Group 1-resistant biotypes)
  • Japanese brome (suppression)
  • Persian darnel
  • Tame oats
  • Volunteer barley
  • Volunteer canary seed
  • Volunteer wheat (non-Clearfield varieties)
  • Wild oats (including Group 1-resistant biotypes)
  • Yellow foxtail

Broadleaf weeds (cotyledon – 4 leaf stage)

  • Cleavers (suppression)
  • Cow cockle
  • Flixweed
  • Green smartweed
  • Lamb’s-quarters
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Shepherd’s purse
  • Stinkweed
  • Stork’s bill
  • Volunteer canola (non-Clearfield varieties)
  • Wild buckwheat (suppression)
  • Wild mustard


  • Effective broadleaf and grassy weed control in imazamox-tolerant crops, along with field peas, dry beans and soybeans
  • Re-cropping flexibility
  • Convenient packaging

For specific crop usage information see label for details